1: Sandra McCracken – for writing good music (a very over due thank you)
2: Susan, who has been in youth ministry at the church I work at for some crazy amount of years. This past year she took on the role of shepherding the small group women leaders. She has done such a great job, I wrote her to tell her so.
3: Kari for my birthday gift
4: Amy D who puts up with my rants quite often.
5: Ann, a youth volunteer for hosting a get together for all the ladies in our youth ministry.
6: Lee and Stacey for hosting another wonderful Super Bowl party.
7: A college student, Ericka, brought us copies of the local paper in Boone where Jason’s band was on the front page of.
8: The Pell’s for having us over and cooking banana’s foster.
9: Peta Delight – I was quite pleased with their service when I wasn’t all together with it.
10: Janeen – congrats on her wedding and a thanks for taking my parents on a vacation to Costa Rica. They wouldn’t of done it otherwise.
11: My Grandma who sent me a sweet card.
12: Iron Hen restaurant, cause its awesome.
13: Donny, a manager at Harris Teeter who always seems to be there and super nice.
14: younghouselove.com – for inspiring me to do my own home improvement/décor
15: Marshall, the middle school pastor. Him and I have very different view points but he is always willing to listen and tell me “I don’t know”
16: Jewell, a regular customer who made us a cake at Starbucks. It was so yummy.
17: Bianca’s eatery cause its amazing and I never told them that before.
18: Ashley, a shift of mine at Starbucks who let me off 2 hours early.
19: Fresh market for carrying beer from Stone Brewery (and not making me feel like an idiot for not seeing the basil)
20: Shearers for our birthday gifts
21: My aunt and uncle, just being who they are.
22: Angie, who organizes our once a month dining out before everyone leaves town.
23: Denise, a lady on staff who is leaving. Thanking her for years of service.
24: Amanda, who is a shift and is doing quite a good job.
25: Kate for feeding Oliver while I was away on Winter Retreat and Jason was playing a show.
26: Jenilee, for coming on a retreat that was very much roughing it for her.
27: Jason, a volunteer who used to be a deacon, answering my church questions
28: Barrett, David, and Susan for coming on the retreat

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