Project 2011 has kicked off to a great start! And while I know this month would be the easiest for me with Christmas and birthday gifts thank yous, it helped ease myself into it. Heres who I thanked in January…

1: To friends for Christmas gifts
2: To family for Christmas gifts
3: Our tour guide at Paramount Studio, McKenzie for a great tour.
4: My mom and dad for a wonderful two week stay.
5: Southwest airlines. Cause they are more awesome than any other airline out there.
6: Morgan, the college student who
7: My secret Santa at work, Nicole, who got me an awesome tea steeper.
8: My aunt Diane who sent Jason and I sweet, cold weather themed birthday presents
9: A few notes written to youth volunteers who helped with Underground Church
10: My aunt Susan who lives in Hawaii (as did I for part of my childhood) and sent a birthday box with a Hawaiian theme
11: 5 Guys – because they were open in the snow and ice for Jason’s birthday dinner
12: Notes for birthday gift from friends
13: Notes for birthday gifts from my family
14: More thank you notes for birthday gifts
15: Went to visit a student who moved to Atlanta. A note to her parents for hosting us
16: Chaz, our awesome waiter at Cracker Barrel in South Carolina
17: Don Miller, the pastor at the church I work at, for 20 years of ministry
18: Jason’s bandmate for coming to our house and gave us haircuts.
19: Youth volunteer for doing sound last minute.
20: A birthday gift from my friend Sarah
21: Dana, who invited me over for dinner. Which was wonderful after a long day of both jobs.
22: Katrina and Tim at Harris Teeter who didn’t make me feel bad for using a coupon that didn’t scan. They made sure it worked without me having to fuss about it.
23: A student whos been super helpful at planning lately.
24: A friend of Jason’s and my brother who gave us late wedding presents. Which, was very fun to get at almost a year and half into marriage.
25: Jason’s mom for a birthday present
Kari for taking me to the US National Ice Skating Championship
27: Kendra for making us a yummy dinner and key lime pie
28: Rachel Evan Held, for writing an awesome article in Relevant magazine
29: Mediterranean Deli because they make good food
30: Couple who leads the class at church.
31: Judy, the wife of the Missions Pastor. She has been writing the staff about their travels whenever they can, I love that she takes the time to do this and I really enjoy reading them.

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