1: Filling Station – amazing food, always.
2: Fishbones – new place that was good. Highlight: sweet potato tots
3: Judy who works at Lowe’s who was super nice about exchanges we had.
4: Trader Joes for being open on the 4th.
5: Donna, the pastors wife, for leaving me a sweet message.
6: Al for teaching at FUSE while John was on vacation
7: Marcus at Old Navy for exchanging something I didnt have a receipt for. He worked really hard to get it for me.
8: Mary for taking lunches to the IRC while John was on vacation.
9: Five Guys – for being a super kid friendly place so we can eat out with our friends with kids and everyone is happy.
10: Stephen for cleaning our gutters for free.
11: Laughing Cow cheese – because it’s awesome and low calorie!
12: Natalie – for helping me on a busy day.
13: Jacen and Grayson for making the Project Serve video.
14: Ben and Jerrys – for having a great groupon.
15: Carol, for getting me a gift card to Fresh Market for no reason.
16: Hamilton Lakes Pool for putting on a fun Ladies Night
17: Shane’s – for being a great place for work lunches.
18: Angie taking photo of our last hang out withe Pell’s.
19: Poblano’s for being super nice to our loud kid filled party.
20: Kaz MCing at FUSE while John was away.
21: Barrett and Kyle for coming to FUSE so faithfully.
22: Rita’s – for opening a location in town.
23: Tyler Florence – for making easy recipes and being down to earth in how he “teaches”
25: Greg for giving me corn, it was super yummy.
26: Gmart. Cause why not.
27: Rick for speaking at FUSE while John was away.
28: Melissa, getting me off early so I could go to a funeral.
29: Sticky Fingers – we had an awesome waitress
30: Emma for a banana bread recipe that I make all of the time.
31: Mike and Kari for hosting dinner last minute and lots of yummy ice cream and wine

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