1: Brandi, for a blog post that I find most comforting right now
2: Melissa for listening to many work rants while she was on leave.
3: Matt at Guildford College Starbucks for writing an encouraging letters to partners.
4: Carolina deli, for making awesome food.
5: Polly, dear friend, for a conversation we had that was encouraging (she actually sent me a letter I got the same day I mailed her one. Thought that was sweet.)
6: Jason’s band mates for throwing a sweet party for an old band mate.
7: Kohls. I returned something from December and was super impressed with the lack of hassle over it.
8: Lindsay. One of our college students whos hanging out with us this summer. She came and visited me.
9: Gary, a youth volunteer who is heading up our summer missions trip.
10: The author of “Gospel of Ruth”, for writing it.
11: Mark, an old friend and youth worker in California. Thinking a lot of what he taught me years ago.
12: Tencers, a married couple who were my leaders when I was in high school youth group. How much they impacted my life now as a youth worker.
13: Ron Sider, for a great article he wrote.
14: Will and Vicki, for inviting us over for homemade ice cream and waffle cones.
15: Pioneer Women, cause bloggers dont get thanked enough. Not snail mail wise at least
16: Danny, our IT guy at the church who was super helpful getting the server to connect to my laptop.
17: Lucky 32, for once again making a yummy meal for our 17th month anniversary.
18: Kendra, for helping me plan out cooking for 30 people over Spring Break.
19: Trader Joes, cause they are awesome (not because they are close!)
20: My Grandma, cause she is my Grandma.
21: Costco, for being a really great place to shop (it was the bargain shopper in me writing this one)
22: Gmart. Ive never been to a place like it, and I love having memories come back to me of my travel when Im there.
23: Olivia Leigh Ive been following her work in flickr, now her blog, for years. She as an amazing gift and just wanted to let know how much I appreciate her sharing it.
24: Daveland blog. He writes about the old and the new Disneyland. I love reading his blog.
25: Neely Mcqeen for writing morethangossip.com because theres very few blogs for women in youth ministry.
26: Secret Tea Room. A new to me tea house (thank you groupon!) that Ive been wanting to try. Enjoyed the tea (and company) and food there.
27: Ed Mckays. A local used bookstore whos workers often come to my Starbucks. Nice guys, they should be thank for putting up with the public. We are hard to deal with.
28: Riva’s – a new restaurant my once a month girls night out went to. They surprised us with a free wine and cheese tasting.
29: Steve at Goat Lady Cheese – for being the local farm who shared their cheese at Riva’s. Along with Steven sharing all his cheese knowledge.
30: Lisa at Harris teeter – she was impressed with my coupon savings. Anyone who does that gets a thank you note.
31: Susan for driving all this way to visit and cooking a super awesome dinner.

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