1: Phipps – for being the drivers of our adventures to the Goat Lady Farm open farm day
2: Costco -Deann very nice checker, who held my order as I misplaced my debt card (so embarrassing)
3: Dan, for good leading a good staff meeting with meaningful conversation
4: Stacey, driving/baby support with Atticus as we went strawberry picking
5: Melissa, busy day at the Bucks. She did a good job of leading her shift.
6: Rebbeca, a coworker of mine who brought me the most amazing asparagus from her garden
7: Goat Lady Farm – for hosting a wonderfully yummy dinner
8: Ollie bakery – had a mini half day get away in Winston randomly and they were very kind and make good scones.
9: Mykonos, because they have great Greek food and a great server named JP
10: My new Harris Teeter location, because they told me about upcoming triple coupons
11: Panrea. They gave me extra feta on my salad and I was surprised how yummy veggie soup was (you should try it)
12: Basket Robbins, We live close to one but we drive across town to another location because its so nice
13: Real Simple – Ive always enjoyed their magazine and website. Do you know how many times Ive typed “chicken” into the search bar for a recipe and always had a good idea? MANY
14: The Howells for hosting 30 adult leaders for our Project Serve meeting
15: Vicki, for letting me borrow dresses for graduations
16: Pastor Jimmy from Allentown for coming down and speaking at Westover for Senior Sunday
17: Amy D for putting together the Senior Dessert.
18: Mary for making all of the desserts for Senior Dessert.
19: Iron Hen for being awesome
20: Terry for letting us invade his lake house for the weekend.
21: Dave for driving us around on the boat for the weekend.
22: Anna and Gabe for giving up their weekend to come and speak at Senior Weekend.
23: Stacey teaching us how to make yogurt
24: Ken, an elder who shared at our staff meeting.
25: A handful of students who brought games for our game night
26: Lindsay our sweet waitress at Bianca’s for remembering us and bringing us lots of bread
27: Kara Powell – for being awesome and a great support in youth ministry without evening knowing her
28: Jason, taking care of me while I was sick
29: Netflix, because I was in bed all day and they kept me entertained
30: Holly Burns, because I very much enjoy her blog
31: Taqueria el Azteca – for having the best dollar tacos in town.

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