Well. Not sure quite what happened, but, after the first week of October, the thank you note project just completely became out of sight, out of mind. October, like its neighbor, September was another busy month for me. While September is busy/stressful due to the church job with Fall Retreat and start of the new school year and lots of Freshies about. October, well it was just a lot of fun all crammed into one month. Lots of Fall related parties, friends, old and new to spend time with and the month ended with a lovely visit with my parents. Maybe I should be more of a person to beat myself up over stuff, but Im not. I dont feel like a failure for basically not writing thank you notes in October. I did write some, just not everyday. And now theres this trend on Facebook for each day of November to write in your status something your thankful for. Ive been doing that for 10 months (well 9 but really do they need to know that?) people! Needless Im going to hopefully carry out the rest of this year strong with two more months of thank you notes.

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