To keep track of my thank yous, I simply make a note on my iPhone of who I wrote a thank you note on which day. When I went to send myself Septembers Thank Yous, I hit delete instead of send. There might of been a cuss word or two when that happened. September came and went in a flash so I can barely recall all who I did write thank you notes too. Other than the last week of September. This year, with the Thank You Project being the theme of 2011, I decided for the first time to write a thank you note to each of the Senior class that helped put on Fall Retreat. This is in part why my September is so crazy (hence zero blog posts for the month). This once a year weekend event, along with some fantastic Seniors, I plan and put on. This Senior class took me by storm and it was so lovely to watch them step up, reach out to underclassmen, lead by loving and wanting to know more about Jesus. Needless to say, I couldnt spread their thank you notes out over days, so my hand was quite sore at the end of the pile of over 40 postcards printed with the photo below. Im thankful for September, the bridge between Summer and Fall. Now that October is here, Im very much looking forward to the slower season for me ministry wise.

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