Last year my dear husband made me a raised bed. I was so thrilled and planted my first garden that spring. I didnt take took much on, just cucumber, radishes, onions and squash. Onions never did make it, I planted them too soon. In pots on the porch I bought a tomato plant and pepper plant. They both did quiet well, other than the pepper’s were quiet tiny. With last year’s garden doing quite well I was excited to do another round of crops this year.

Yesterday was the Saturday to plant my 2011 garden. I knew there would be much tending to do to my raised bed first before any seeds went in. Brushing off the leaves I discovered that the neighbor’s cat had been using my raised bed as a litter box. Rather annoying I must say. I scooped it all away and then begun to turn the soil to see if Id have to get all new soil or not. Then I discovered that very gross white bug had been eating away the wood! I stopped trying to save the raised box and set out to find some pots because I was I certainly was not to grow a garden in my poor raised bed. No time for researching the proper type of wood being Im a couple weeks behind already.

Do hope my little seeds do well in their pots. My raised bed garden last year gave me great hope that I could do well this year with my harvest. Now I am a bit insecure of my garden in pots. I dont know if they have enough room to grow. It has been requested a photo of my garden. I felt it was kinda silly of taking a photo of pots of dirt, but I do always enjoy the whole picture, which always start at the beginning.

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Pots work great for a early start to a garden. Use good potting soil, and for tomotoes, a large enough pot to make it through the season…. If you get a cold snap….then make sure you cover the tender seedlings as they come up…. keep the soil moist (not wet) while they are developing…..
I don’t think the ‘white bugs’ in your raised beds will hurt the planting of it at all….the raised bed will allow the roots to go deeper, and with that, the yield of your tomatoes, squash or whatever else you plant will do very well.
There is something to be said about a container plant that you pass everyday on the way in and out of the house…. they tend to get better attention, a little bit more water when they need it, and don’t get neglected as much as the garden sometimes.
for onions, maybe try younger green onions (great on eggs, potatoes), and they are quicker to harvest!

So glad you are starting a garden! it will be fun to see the harvest on the blog! (do post more pics)

Love Dad

March 6, 2011 8:14 pm

You blog like someone who spent all weekend watching Downton Abbey, m’lady.

March 7, 2011 10:42 am

There may of been some influence, yes.

March 7, 2011 10:51 am

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