Think Don McLean’s ‘The Day the Music Died’ tune as you read that title.

Last week I read about 30% of Verizon’s network was down. People with iPhones standing in the same Starbucks, one had service, other didnt. Well today thats what it was like for me with Twitter. Apparently theres some system update going on, but other people have Twitter (in the same house as me!) and I do not. So while Twitter was down, I caved in and joined People have been telling me about it for months and months. Even sent me invites. I just didnt think I needed one more thing to keep up with besides Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and this poor blog who doesnt live up to its title. A place to have lots of great ideas for every accept of life – house, DIY projects, recipes, adorable clothes and it goes on and on. Kinda already love it. Im sure Ive gone overboard on my pinning on my first day, but like I said TWITTER WAS DOWN. And is still currently. I see how it is Twitter. I wouldnt of caved into Pinterest if you were around today. Anyways, until Twitter returns, you can find me on Pinterest.

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