Last Thursday I had my yearly physical exam with my primary care doctor. Can I just say, I feel like I should get a pass on this visit? At least for this year? Thankfully I have a very kind and personable doctor, which is why really like her. I saw her of course when I found my lump last February and I seen her once since then. She wanted me to focus on some things (I have a family history of high cholesterol) back then and honestly, I was still doing chemo and for the first time in my life, completely ignored my doctors suggestions. She understood completely why I didnt focus on this part of my health this past year. At the end of my visit I had to have my blood drawn. I remember dreading this part of my doctor visits in the past. Now I simply hold out my arms and actually watch them put a needle in me. How far I have come.

Then Friday was my every 3 week visit to the Cancer Center for herceptin. Got lab work done, meet with my PA, who told me that my last day of getting treatment would be April 4th! I thought it was April 25th, since I had a schedule appointment with my oncologist that day but nope! April 5th 2013 is when I started Herceptin, so that makes it a year. Its thrilling news to be told you finish treatment a lot sooner than you expect. So at this point I only have two more herceptins to get. Not sure how often after that I will have to come back to the cancer center. And this past visit I had a magic chemo nurse because she had herceptin out from the pharmacy right after she accessed my port. Usually it takes a half hour (just waiting) for it to come out. She told me she sorta cheated. Im all for cheating if that gets me in and out of that chemo room so quick!

This past Tuesday I had my long term follow up appointment with my surgeron. He commented on how nice my hair looked. I think he remembers how much I was sad to have lost it, so it was a kind gesture. I told him about the tingling and scar tissue that “pulls” when I reach for something on the side where he had done surgery. He guessed it was nerves growing back as well and felt how tough the scar tissue was in my armpit. He encouraged me to keep up with the exercises that the physical therapist had given me to. He told me he’d see me in 6 months (a year from surgery) and I said uh no you got take this port out of me! That was my main purpose for my visit to him, to get my port removal surgery on my calendar. He said my oncologist would have to send him a order to do so (make sure she doesnt need my port in for anything else). So questions for my oncologist next will of course be about getting my port out.

Needless to say, 3 doctor appointments in a weeks time, it just feels normal at this point. Even though I am reminded that most people do not have to go the doctor that often. Usually, its just once a year. Its gonna be almost weird once treatment is done to not be going to a doctor so often. Ive also joined a class that is about life after cancer. We have meet twice (its a class the cancer center offers for free and my radiation oncologist highly suggested me to attend) and so far I have mixed feelings about it. Its run by a counselor who has worked at the cancer center so she has great experience with people who have gone through cancer and I like how she runs the class. However, Im once again by far the youngest person in the class. Most of the women in there are in their 50s or 60s. Needless to say, no one is in my stage of life (early 30s with no kids) so it makes it hard to relate. The topics that we discuss, I relate to some of them but not all. I try to take what I can from it, but once again I feel alone in this journey. There just simply isnt a lot of resources out there for early 30s women who have had cancer.

My hair has gone a big crazy in the back! Showing curl for sure, so that’s really fun. Trying to learn how to tame curly hair for the first time in my life. Super short hair with curls is a whole new world for me.

This was taken a few weeks ago when I first tired a headband in my hair to mix it up. I was not a big headband wearer before so I’ve enjoyed this look. Even from a few weeks ago till today you can see how curly it has gotten:


It’s just a crazy curly mess! But it’s fun too.
(February 27th, 7 months post chemo)

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Curly hair! I love it!

February 28, 2014 10:24 am

Welcome to the wavy hair club! James & Finnegan 🙂 Use lots of product! Love you.

March 2, 2014 1:06 am

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