When I go days between blogging, it usually has meant I haven’t felt well. Now when days go by without me blogging it more so because I feel good and really have nothing to say that would be of interest. Since my infusion this past Wednesday I have felt great and gone about my regular days of work and social engagements. Only side effect I seem to be having this time around is a runny nose and watery eyes. Which are totally liveable, I just carry around tissues with me. When I had to toss all my make-up due to bacteria I threw out my waterproof mascara and just been using all new make up the Look Good, Feel Good class gave me, which included regular mascara. That has been just been a mess and a bit pointless since it comes off shortly after I put it on. I restocked my waterproof mascara supply this week, which helps with the watery eyes – sometimes its so bad it basically looks like Im crying. I had to tell folks at church this morning that I am not upset, just having watery eyes. I took some Claritin to see since what Im experiencing are allergy systems that maybe theyd go away with taking it, but no luck. Hopefully it will subside soon but really, I’ll take it if this is all I have to live with as a side effect.

Its been a little over a week with being bald and Im still doing really good with it. Jason and I worked on the yard a little be yesterday, all this rain we’ve been having is wonderful for the plants but the weeds also love it. While out, it was warm but not hot, but I had a scarf on my head and it felt hotter than my hair. So I do wonder how I am going to do as the weather only gets hotter and more humid. I have a lot of patterned scarves, which I love, but I realize how much patterned shirts I usually wear. So Ive had to get myself some solid colored tops so I can wear all the lovely scarves friends have been giving me. Really enjoy how quickly I can get ready in the morning without having hair. I do wonder if I will get to a point where I’ll just go out with a bald head. I dont really enjoy people staring at me, so I may avoid that and keep wearing a scarf even in the hot months. Having a bald something I am completely used to now. I kinda wish the rest of my hair would fall out, after all I shaved it because it was falling out. So fall out already.

I do get more tired more easily I have found. Working in the yard, while I know Im not exactly in shape, I got tired pretty fast. When we went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday I had to ask Jason to slow down twice, usually Im the fast walker. Im a bit frustrated by this lack of energy, but I expected it too. Trying to get myself to get some sort of exercise in but I have been rather unmotivated to do that. Being we are coming up on chemo week, this isnt the best time to set a goal for myself, but I do hope to get more of a routine to at least go for a small walk while its nice and not too humid out. Maybe next week that can be my goal.

Prayer Requests:
-My mom has a safe and smooth flight out here on Thursday
-That chemo round 3 after math is just as good if not better than round 2 after math
-Date for the MRI happens quickly (Id love if it happened while Mom was here)
-Senior Sunday is a week from today and Id love to go, pray I feel well enough to be apart of the proud faces smiling at the Class of 2013 as they are on stage in front of the church I work at.

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Your wish is my command. Days before your Mom (Dad) has a scheduled flight I approach “The Throne Room” in the name of Jesus and ask Our Father to choose compentent healthly pilots, mechancs, controllers, tsa agents and a sustainable safe plane along with tolerable weather conditions to bring her safely to you and return and I add not my will but according to your will let it be done with thanksgiving for His blessing. On time and comfort are optional.

May peace like a river attend your soul with confident assurance that this will be done.

you are abundantly loved


May 13, 2013 8:02 pm

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