A friend of mine was asked to go on a trip to a third world country to write about the trip. She was asked to go during a pretty crazy season in her family’s life. My first thought when I heard about the trip, despite its during a crazy time and she has motherly responsibilities was “How could she not go?” After a few weeks of weighting the pros and cons list and changing her mind many times over, she said yes. I was thrilled when I heard the news of her going. She’s excited and scared all at the same time, as any normal human being would about a trip like this. She gets to travel and write. Its as if this crazy thing she never thought of doing is happening. I told her it was God like crazy.
God like crazy? What does that even mean? I know I have felt that way few times in my life. Something is happening I cant really figure out why or how. Its those times where a dream is coming true that I didn’t even known I had. First thing that comes to mind is being paid to do youth ministry. When I started to do youth ministry about 10 years ago I never thought Id want to do it for a living. I just knew I loved being with a group of middle school girls. Never knew this is where that love would lead me. I didn’t know Id want to be doing this as a living. I didn’t know God would open so many doors for that to happen. Now, a dream I didn’t know I had doesn’t mean its all sunshine and roses. Youth ministry is like a roller coaster, there are a lot of highs but there are also a lot of lows. And most of the time you are holding on for dear life, but all the while, your loving the ride and not really sure why. That’s the God like crazy.

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