Im not really sure how search engines work, but I titled this post in hopes that if someone is googling for themselves or a friend going through chemo, that maybe this post will come up. With that in mind, I do have a disclaimer – everyone responds differently to chemo (like big difference with me is I never once felt nauseous or threw up, so I have no tips for that, sorry). I just wanted to make a list to have out in there somewhere on the internet of things that have helped me during chemo that hopefully will help someone else:

-Silky pillow cases: I forget where I read this, but before loosing your hair, by yourself some silky pillow cases. When you save your head, there is friction from the little stubble you have left. And they are cooler to sleep on than cotton pillow cases (and the steroid makes me so hot at night) And heck, it just feels really nice on your face as well (apparently, it helps wrinkles as well, win win).

-Cooling pillow: I actually was in the market at the beginning of the year for a new pillow and found this Memory Foam Pillow at Costco, on sale. Im already a warm sleeper, but with how hot the steroids make me, I cant think how much warmer I would be if I didnt have this pillow. It really does work. If its not on sale, spurge, its totally worth it.

-Fan: We have a ceiling fan, which is nice, but its job is to cool the whole room. At almost the end of my chemo treatment, I brought out my little personal fan I had bought for a youth trip few summers ago. It sits on my night stand, nice and close to my face and it helps those hot flashes.

-Popsicles: Are you a sensing a theme here? Things to make me feel cool! It could be because my chemo was during summer, but the popsicles also helped with my dry mouth taste. I liked the more brightly flavored ones, cause I could taste them through the dry mouth. During the steroid they always were a nice treat way to cool down too.

-Flavored water: Oh my gosh, do you have to drink a lot of water when you have chemo. I think this is the biggest battle Jason and I have, he wants me to drink more water and I think Ive peed way too much so no more water. Water is so important of course during chemo (my main focus is to drink water is to flush the chemo drugs out! Be gone nasty drugs!) but its gets to you after a while. I started drinking flavored water from Trader Joes and Target and I was all about some water again. Personally I like berry and citrus flavors (I have a tart craving during chemo weeks/ when I have dry mouth).

-Hard candy: my Nashville friends sent me a lovely care package at the start of all of this with lots of hard candy. I didnt know what I would do with that much candy. Dry mouth is the worst, and it basically is tolerable if you just keep something in your mouth to distract from the nasty dirty mouth feel. Now that last chemo is right around the corner, Im surprised how little hard candy I have left.

-Scarves: Again, I went through chemo during the summer months mostly, and even though it was a cooler summer, I only have worn scarves on my bald head. I have a wig, but never felt comfortable wearing it. So I need a lot of scarves. And when I thought I had a lot, I found myself wanting more. And I have kind friends who let me borrow their scarves cause hey its summer, they are not wearing them. So if you have a friend going through chemo, give them a scarf and tell them to search youtube for how to tie them. I used this video (but I didnt use a cap like her, too hot).

Im sure I am forgetting something that Ive loved during chemo, but this is my personal, not the typical things you’d find googling that helped during chemo. (If you are looking what to bring to chemo, heres what I packed in my chemo bag post)

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