I meant to update after my last post of not getting radiation much sooner than this. A friend came into town this past weekend, so I was busy enjoying time with friends and haven’t been able to update till now. Those who have reached out to me to ask about when my end date changing, thank you, means a lot. Sadly, my last radiation date will not be the 23rd like I had hoped, it has officially moved to October 25th at 2:20pm. Im better with this now than when I first got my new end date. Im very thankful I can go to the conference still, expect we wont be celebrating no more radiation. Last radiation day will be looming over me once coming back into town. Im kinda thrilled though that my 8:30 time slot was not available because I will be tired from traveling and the conference. So, radiation will end in the afternoon. Just two more weeks till the end of being zapped.

Side effects are still pretty non-existent. I am not any more tired than I would be (just the going to the cancer center daily is tiring) and my skin just started to turn color at the end of last week. Being that last week was week 5 out of 7, I say thats pretty good. They told me that week 2 I would start to see some skin change. Even the skin change I have, its very slight. I tired to take a picture of it, but its hard to capture, its that faint. I notice it when I see my skin in the mirror, but I think I’d have to point it out folks for most to notice. My neck/top of my chest is more of a pink color, where as my breast is a bit darker. With being told it would look like a sun-burn I thought maybe it would feel like one as well, but my skin feels no different. It doesnt bother me at all, other than I have a bruise in the middle of my left arm pit. I know, so random and I dont know if that is from radiation or not but thats the only part of the area that is being radiated that is slightly uncomfortable. Oh and my sore throat, it still is around but I have not been very good at consistently taking the medication to make it better, so that is my own fault.

Being at the end of radiation, I will be getting radiated a little differently than I have been all this time. The machine that does the type of radiation I need at this point in the treatment isnt available at my 8:30am time slot. My appointment schedule is kind of all over the place for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is at 9:45am, Wednesday its at 12:45 and so on. Thursday will be week 3, meaning Herceptin week. 11am I’ll get radiation, then lab work then meet with my oncologist then get infusion of Herceptin in the chemo room. I havent seen my doctor in a while and with it being real close to the end of treatment, I have a number of questions for him. A big one, when will he tell me I am in remission? Will we get to declare my cancer that this year? Or the end of April when Herceptin is done? I’ll have to start taking my oral drug, Tamoxifen, once radiation is done, for 5 years. Being that my cancer was triple positive (positive for estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and HER2 – the Herceptin is for the HER2) I am taking Tamoxifen because its a hormone therapy to block the my body’s naturally occurring estrogen and fight the cancer’s growth. I have not hear great things about this drug, namely, it basically makes you feel like your in menopause. I really didnt like hot flashes for my few months on chemo, let alone for 5 years. So Im not really looking forward to that. Which makes it hard for when people say “You’re almost done!” to be positive with them. I know that I am with the big stuff, surgery, chemo and radiation. But Hercptin and Tamoxifen will still be happening for a long while, the end doesnt feel as close to me. Trying to remember this reminder that was put on the back of my radiation dressing room door a few weeks back:

Someone put a little reminder on the back of my radiation dressing room door.

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