If you haven’t heard the news already, we are officially in the process of adopting. Currently we are in the mist of working on our paperwork (aka homestudy) and fundraising. I wanted to share the email I sent out to our family and friends that may answer some questions you might be having:

Why are you adopting?
You may or may not know, but we trying to add to our family months before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now that the hard treatment has come to a close, part of the treatment package was to take an oral medication daily. This medication is called Tamoxfin, and while it helps prevent the cancer from returning, it also means if I got pregnant it would terminate the pregnancy and put my health at risk. When Jason and I talked about adding to our family with children someday, adoption was always a part of that conversation, this just speeds that process up as honestly the only option for us to add to our family. We are very happy to be growing our family through adoption.

Where are you adopting from?
We are doing a domestic adoption and with the agency we are working with, our child will more than likely be born in North Carolina.

What agency are you working with?
We are working with Bethany Christian Services, which is a nation wide (and international) agency. They have 3 offices in NC, our local office is in Raleigh, NC. We decided to work with Bethany because we have friends who went through them and had nothing but great things to say. Also, Bethany is a huge believer in counseling for the birth mother and is a life ling agency. Meaning, for the rest of the birth mothers or our lives, we can reach out for Bethany for anything related to adoption.

What type of child are you hoping to adopt?
We are hoping to adopt a Caucasian infant, 6 months or younger.

Whats your timeline?
Currently, we are working on a massive amount of paperwork that is called a home study. This paperwork and a home visit from a social worker has to be approved before we are a “waiting” family. This paperwork can take anywhere from 3-6 months (I am personally hoping to have it turned in and waiting to be approved by the end of January, but well see how everything goes). Once we are a waiting family, our profile book will be shown to birth mothers that share the same parameters as us when it comes to their adoption plan. We will create 3 books, one of each of the NC Bethany offices. How long we wait? We just dont know.

We also have a website for our adoption: Alisa and Jason are Adopting dot com where we’ll be putting our updates mostly. We are very excited to be adding to our family through adoption but have a very long road a head of us. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this process. We are happy to share anything folks are interested about, so please feel free to ask us questions. Thank you who have already been so excitement and love you have shown to us, it means so much.

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