This past weekend was spent with our first ever, Winter Retreat. It was a smaller group of kids, which allowed me to learn a lot of new faces with names I see all the time on paper. I think about the kids I didn’t know who I placed in my cabin. Or the kid that sat in my van on the ride up there. The ones I didn’t know at all before this weekend and now we have a springboard for a relationship and Im really looking forward to them growing. Then the ones who I do have a relationship who I was so glad who came on the trip. The one who always stares me down in the game of “Zoo” making me lose. Or the student who always likes to give me a hard time. Or the girl who is great at giving me hugs. The sea of the known and the unknown, I wish I could know them all and their story. Its amazing what a high school student will tell you, and its not sitting in a cabin time. Its just walking beside them on the trail to breakfast.

That’s what I want to be to these students, walking beside them on this road of life they are living. I don’t know what its like to be a teenager like they have to be a teenager. I do know I want to help walk beside them in this. Some need me to hold their hand. Some just need me to listen. Some need to be carried. Simply to love them, the best way I know how. Im so glad for weekend that let do this when I normally don’t get the chance. Im glad for weekends that remind me of why I love doing this.
my cabin
(My sweet cabin of girls)

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