But God is good. I do not want to reserve that statement for use only during joyful times. If anything, I think we need to tell ourselves the truth more liberally when we grieve. So, I say it and I mean it: God is good. In the midst of this mixed bag of sorrow and want, he is still good. -Laura Ziesel

This quote makes sense to me Now, Im not in the mist of hard grieving. The week my cousin past away, I was at youth group and there were words to a song about praising Jesus in hard times, that I could not bring myself to sing. In my simple human heart and head, it just didnt make sense. And really, God was okay withe me not being okay with those words instead being given tears for worship. Even now, it still doesnt make sense, and I find it hard to believe with still grieving family, how He is good through that.

A friend of mine, who is on a great journey with her faith told me once that she didnt know if she believed everything about Christianity or Jesus or God but that didnt mean she shouldnt be doing simple acts of serving or acting out things she thinks Hes asking us to do. I like that. Some Sundays during worship, which its been a hard week, full of more questions than answers, I sing words, even if they bring tears to my eyes. Tears because they dont make sense to me. Words that I know deep down somewhere they were true and I needed to tell myself them. To remind myself that I do believe this.

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your sincerity and truthfulness is goodness…i love you Alisa

December 2, 2011 8:29 pm

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