Tonight, I was video chatting with my parents and Grandma. My aunt Dawn (my mom’s sister) just sent me all this work she had done on our family tree and a couple of records showed my Grandma’s name. Those records where a 1930 US Census and a passenger ship recorded from 1952 when my Grandma came back with my Grandfather from Germany. I got my parents to pull up these documents for her to see. It was neat for me to my Grandma’s name on these records, so I thought she’d find it neat as well. She wasnt as impressed as I thought she should be but the conversation that happened was awesome:

Me: “Did you know anyone else on the ship? Other people on this passenger list?”

Grandma: “I only knew my husband and my son. Maybe I should look them up on facebook and reconnect.”

My 82 year old Grandma just said she is going to look up people on facebook. As a joke, but still.

Its neat to see where you came from. My Grandma’s family go really far back in Pennsylvania, I mean really far back. As in, my Grandma was the first to leave. And before my Grandma’s family, everyone has at least 9-12 kids. Then it was just my Grandma, her brother and a sister who died as a baby. Tiny family compared to the ones to came before them. Its such a drastic shift in the population, that many kids to the smaller families that are more common now a days. But its so neat just learning the little bit that we have. Birthdates, deaths, some marriages. If you do the math you know how old the parents are when the had their children. But how little that really does tell you about them. Wish I knew more, just the basics of what they did for a living to to their hobbies. Then wanting to know their take on the world. If they were dreamers or adventurous type people or more practical people. What where they good at? How did they fall in love with their spouse? What holidays did they enjoy the most? Did any of the women put their hands on their hips like my Grandma, aunt, mom and I all do? Talking to my Grandma, just reading her mother’s brothers and sisters names she started to tell me a little bit about them. I learned theres a lot of red hair on my side of the family, but my Grandma doesnt like red hair cause all her cousins had red hair and they werent very nice. 😉

The reason my aunt started to do this is my favorite thing about all of this. After watching the Gilmore Girls, she was curious to know if she was also a daughter of the American revolution. She thinks that we are, which is of course so neat to learn. I need to get contact with Emily Gilmore, maybe she can help us out with that. With all this new found information, all I want to do merely say a name to my Grandma and hear what she remembers about them. Those stories that have all but been lost unless someone took the time to keep a record of their life or someone elses life. These are what books should be full of, stories of real people. No one has a boring story, it may be ordinary to them, but to me, if my Great-great-great Grandma happened to have kept a journal when she was near my age, how amazing would that be to read? Wonder if maybe my great-great-great-granddaughter will have access to this blog someday? Now, theres a crazy thought.

Wish my eyes could change the years
To watch the stories I now hear
But in words they are still alive
and we have not lost anything
from there to here

And this is where Im from
We will pass it on
So take it as it comes
Because it belongs to me

“Where Im From” -Sandra McCracken

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