Photo Oct 05, 9 03 29 AM
Team Alisa (the girls are holding DFTBA, if you remember from last chemo day, Dont Forget to be Awesome!)

Hopefully it has been clear here before this, but I have really wonderful friends. And they have been nothing but loving and so supporting of me during cancer life. Some girls got together and organized a ‘Team Alisa’ for this huge 5k that takes place in town every during October. They asked me if I wanted to come and walk it and I wasnt really into it. Not just because I do not really enjoy exercise, but I did not want the attention. After being told there are a ton of people (and there was) there and lots of people doing ‘teams’ for people in their lives who they were supporting. Our team was united (since half were running and half were walking) by some fun pink socks. I still didnt know who to take in the attention, but it meant a lot to be so loved on by my friends.

Photo Oct 05, 9 36 55 AM
Team Walkers!

This 5k is to raise money for mammograms of women who can not afford them. Which is you know, awesome. When I signed up to do the 5k, it was before radiation even started, so I was unsure how I would feel. But even if I didnt feel up to walking, I was happy to give money towards this cause. Getting a mammogram was the next step after I found my lump. So ladies, be sure to do self exams! Especially if you are not at the age where you are getting regular mammograms – it would of been another 10 years before I would be getting regular mammograms.

Photo Oct 05, 10 08 17 AM
(Kari and I around the half way point)

Im in this strange in between with my hair. As I said in the hair regrowth post I dont really feel totally comfortable with sporting its current length. But it was particularly hot day in October (get the memo North Carolina, its Fall) today and I knew I would be hot no matter what the temperature, so no hat or scarf was going to be happening. There was other bald folks, so I never once felt stared at or questioned over my baldness. It was such a safe place, people knew why my hair was that short. And to be honest, once we started walking, I was so hot I didnt care if I was bald or not. For most of the walk, there was a women in front of me also wearing a survivor shirt, who had a hat on but you could see she was completely bald. My guess she had recently finished chemo, and waiting for her hair to grow back (it took 7 weeks spot chemo for my hair to sprout!). Its like this unsaid connection between us, it was quite a comfort having her in front of me.

Photo Oct 05, 10 40 56 AM
Sweet sweet finish line

Besides helping my friends move last month, this is the most exercise I have done since March. I wasnt worried I couldnt make it, but I wondered if it would take me a really long time to do. It felt really good to be out in a sea of pink with so many other women who have been effected in one way or another by breast cancer. And I realized this sitting in the cancer center waiting room, but no one race or over another is effected by cancer. Cancer knows no boundaries with it comes to the type of person it effects. Every walk of life is effected by cancer, and it all looks so different from person to person, even with the same cancer.

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