My PA was out of town on my usual day, Wednesday, so we meet yesterday and had lab work done (where normally Id just meet with her and get blood work before chemo). My platelets were a little low, so she worried if they went down anymore we might have to delay treatment. She was hopeful that I would still get treatment, but just hearing the possibility of delaying treatment discouraged me. Everything would be pushed back a week and I would like this part, chemo, to be over on time – July 17th! I wont leave you all suspense that I did in fact get treatment, hooray!

Yesterday evening, Jason and I was walking around Whole Foods (where I discovered very delicious sparkling mint water. My new favorite) and I felt my foot tingle a little bit, feel different but I didnt think to actually look at my foot. I just thought it might be a sleep somehow or I had been walking a lot. When we got home and I took off my sandals I noticed that my foot was swollen, like really swollen. Well to me, Ive never had my foot/ankle swollen. This is what is looked like:
Photo Jun 04, 7 16 05 PM

So yeah, thats not good. Jason was out with friends so I called him and he wanted me to go to the hospital. I did not, so I called the the cancer center to talk to the on-call doctor, which turns out was my doctor so that was nice. He told me to elevate my foot for a couple of hours then check back. So I got myself some pillows and hung out with the Gilmore Girls to pass the time.

Photo Jun 04, 8 03 51 PM

After a few hours the swelling had gone down a little bit not a lot. We talked to our friend whos a doctor and she asked Jason to check my leg (which my calf was a bit swollen) to make sure it wasnt sore. It was not in pain at all, so we called my doctor back and he had the same cocern as she did, that it might be a blood clot. But since I wasnt in pain or shortness of breath and was going to the cancer center in the morning, I took my chances. Really, it was more the super high detectable we have for an ER visit, and I have never been to the ER but do know its a really long wait and at this point it was already 10:30 and I didnt want to be really tired today. I know those are both not really good reasons not to go to the ER, but remember, Im stubborn.

I spent the night with my foot elevate all night, so it wasnt the best night of sleep. I usually sleep in more of a ball than on my back with my foot raised, but it helped a lot because by the morning the swelling went down a lot! A call from my doctors nurse was nice, they had scheduled me for an ultra sound on my leg after treatment to make sure there was no blood clot.

Photo Jun 05, 7 04 40 AM
(last night, this morning)

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