Weekends like these are really good for me. Only plans that have been made are between Jason and me. After a busy week of not a lot of time of seeing each other and kicking off a whole month of it being like that, we need this kind of weekend. There was plans of sleeping in, which neither of us meant to break but where awake by 8:30am on Saturday. Our only plan was to drive to Chapel Hill to stock up at Trader Joes, so we took advantage of the early (for us on a weekend) rise and headed out. We decided to grab an early lunch when we got into town. Ive really been into local places rather than favorite chains we don’t have near by. Jason suggested driving down Franklin Street to find ourselves something. I was surprised at my Duke fan of a husband would suggest such a thing. He remembered when his band played there once there was a great Mediterranean place, simply called Mediterranean Deli. I was game and the moment we walked in, I knew Id like the place.
mediterranean delimediterranean delimediterranean deli

You how sometimes a restaurant that has really flavorful food over powers you with smell when you walk in? This place didn’t. It was a perfect setting for us to enjoy a long lunch, watching the lunch crowd come in. You could tell from the conversations around us that this was a local place. We love it when that happens. Check out our awesome meals:
jason's dish
my dish
mediterranean deli

Oh that giant glass fill of pink juice is my pomegranate with grapefruit juice. Not one bit sweet. Its as if they knew the sour would pair perfectly with my food and did it ever. I could drank gallons upon gallons of this stuff.

Loved how they had their own little bakery right out in the open of them making the super yummy pita bread we had with out lunch. Jason bought a bag to bring home I think for around $2.50, which was awesome.

I know this seems a bit like a review of the restaurant, which it really isnt. I just get really excited when we find fun local (well, to Chapel Hill) places that has really great food. I dont think we’d consider ourselves foodies, other in the sense of we love good food. If thats what a foodie is, then we are foodies for sure.

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