Greetings from the land of dry mouth, but for the last time! Dry mouth is probably one my least favorite side effects because no matter how many mints or gum or times I brush my teeth or use mouth wash (special dry mouth, mouth wash at that) my mouth still feels dirty. I hate that feeling, just think about a cardboard with a film feeling in your mouth always. Gross, gross.

Saw my wonderful PA for the last time yesterday, as Friday is her last day. So sad to see her go, but so beyond thankful how she was a part of my team of doctors for the rough part. She gave me some good news that I started my every three week dose of herceptin yesterday, so I dont have to go back to the cancer center until August 15th! While I was back in the chemo room yesterday, my oncologist nurse stopped by my chair to chat (telling you, I have the sweetest people on my medical team) and one thing she asked if my hair had started to grow back now that chemo is done. I was surprised by this question because I just finished a week ago. She said that it should start growing back starting next week most likely. More great news, because I didnt think I would have any hair until Christmas (you know, Chemo Curl by Christmas). Susan was with me and she agreed that come September I should have enough hair I wouldnt need a scarf to cover my bald head, because it wouldnt be bald anymore. Oh happy day, I have missed my hair so much lately. Im hoping for some curly, even if its just a first, because how fun for a person who had straight hair for 31 years?

I havent had a really good nights sleep for about a week now. For all different reasons, hoping soon to get a full night of sleep and feel rested once again. Doesnt help that my memory isnt serving me well ether post chemo. I really dont want to use the excuse of “chemo brain” but its been hard not to these past few days. I become frustrated with myself because of it too. I want my old body back. I know it is coming, the worst is over, but doesnt mean I dont long for life before cancer on harder days. With my Dad visiting, and now Susan, its been nice to be distracted by the company during the days I want to be down. I leave you all with a photo of my lovely nails, who have gotten worst, but better at the same time (there is signs of new growth but they are tender on the tips of my fingers currently, typing is strange). Soon I’ll start documenting my hair growth (rather than falling out!), I look forward to that day.

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